We create high-performing organizations, servant leaders, and aligned teams by working with organizations who are serious about wanting to make change happen.

We focus on uncovering your unique strengths and advantages, so you can grow sustainably and stay nimble through the journey.

Ready to roll-up your sleeves and implement sustainable change in your company to achieve your desired outcomes?

Are you ready to better understand your strengths and blind spots to “level up” your leadership skills?

Looking to lead with greater clarity and confidence?

Are you ready to create alignment across your company so we are all on the same page?

Are you eager to make an impact both personally and professionally?

We’ve got your back.

Organizational Design

Achieve Transformational Change

Growing into a global company without turnover and losing your current culture can be a challenge. We bring in the fun, vision, and creativity to help you stay nimble yet achieve massive results without becoming a corporate dinosaur.

Here’s the thing … We are not an army of consultants trying to “fix things”. 

We invest in your company, digging deep, bringing up the hard stuff and taking the time you don’t have to implement lasting change.

We engage a design-thinking approach and leverage a mix of lean change frameworks, agile principles, change management, team development, and leadership coaching to create immediate and lasting impact. 

Our goal is to help mold a culture and implement processes and practices which are pragmatic and realistic for your organization.

We meet you where you are and help you get to the next step from a trusted industry perspective. 

We are actionable and provide results, not simply pretty powerpoint presentations. We roll up our sleeves and help you create effective change.

Most companies have a disconnect between leadership and the general organization.

This is normal when you’re “building the plane while you’re flying it!” We come in with no ulterior motives (completely removed from the company politics) to support you to reach your biggest goals and aspirations.

The Cross Impact Process

Our process leverages a mix of lean change frameworks, agile values and principles, change management, team development and leadership coaching in order to help create workplaces where people wake up each morning feeling motivated and inspired by their work. 

We work with the change makers and the earth shakers — the individuals in organizations who are serious about wanting to make change happen and solve the big problems which are impeding agility, collaboration, and innovation.

At Cross Impact, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.

We always take into account culture, personalities, and individual outcomes for each client we collaborate with to craft custom solutions for your company.

Let us design a consulting package that reflects your company’s needs.

Organizational Design Consulting

We engage with your organization using a 90-day design-thinking approach, leveraging a mix of lean change frameworks, change management, agile values and principles, team development, and leadership coaching.

While everyone’s results will look a bit different,

Areas where we’ve supported companies include:

The possibilities of what our work together could entail are endless.

Past Organizational Design clients have experienced:

What problem do you want solved today? We’ll start there.

Leadership Coaching


Leading with Impact: A 360 Leadership Coaching Program

While everyone’s results will look a bit different,

How We Facilitate Change:

Past Leading with Impact clients have experienced the following wins:


This offering will benefit leaders who want to gain insight into their strengths and blindspots as perceived by their peers to better support their leadership journey and career growth.

Duration: 3 Months


  • 360 Survey
  • eCoaching Support
  • Follow-up Survey


This package is best for the business with emerging leaders. This engagement is an introduction into coaching and to support their professional development.

Duration: 6 Months


  • 360 Survey
  • 90 min Discovery & Design Session
  • 1:1 Coaching – twice monthly
  • eCoaching Support
  • Follow-up Survey


Our most popular coaching package! This package is best for mid-level leaders looking to dive in and do the deep work to lead more effectively.

Duration: 9 Months


  • 360 Survey
  • 90 min Discovery & Design Session
  • 1:1 Coaching – twice monthly
  • Leadershipped Subscription – 1 month
  • eCoaching Support
  • Follow-up Survey


Mid-level and senior leaders love this package because it allows us to work and support you for a full year as you navigate all the corporate milestones in a 12-month period.

Duration: 12 Months


  • 360 Survey
  • 90 min Discovery & Design Session
  • 1:1 Coaching – twice monthly
  • Leadershipped Subscription – 3 months
  • eCoaching Support
  • Follow-up Survey

Group Coaching

Elevate: Leadership Coaching Program

Develop motivational, empathetic, high-performing leaders.

Our Program Is:

Our Unique Format: Group Coaching Sessions

Why Choose Elevate?

8 Group Coaching Sessions
(90-Minutes each)
Over 16 Weeks


  • A Model of Communication
  • Make Listening and Asking Central
    to your Work
  • Drive the Outcomes You Desire
  • Transition: Being the Change
  • Working with Resistance & Conflict
  • Seek and Provide Feedback
  • Conversations that Matter
  • How to Up Your Influencer Game


“The cohort has been incredibly valuable and allowed me to evaluate myself and how I show up as a leader in my day-to-day work and in my personal life. Each session provided me with great resources and techniques for handling an everchanging environment and developing my own soft skills as well as my teams.”

“These sessions have exceeded my expectations. We have had some great discussions and I have gained valuable knowledge that I can leverage in both my work and personal life.”

“The facilitators were awesome! They were incredibly engaging and brought a great level of energy and experience to each session.”

Why Choose Cross Impact?

As a trusted third party, we become the eyes and the ears of your organization. So much so, your team won’t even realize we are not full time employees.

This allows your direct reports to be open and transparent. We translate back what is happening and determine what needs to happen to create positive change throughout the entire organization.

Our only desire is to see you be successful.

We are straightforward, honest, and deliver on the reality of what we are seeing and hearing in your organization. Our real-world experience in multiple sectors (Finance, Tech, Insurance, BioTech, Retail) allows us to come up with pragmatic solutions through leadership coaching, team development workshops, and organizational design.

Results That Speak For Themselves

What clients, and thought leaders have to say about working with Cross Impact

No overuse of buzzwords, promises that can’t be kept, or sales pitches flying at you –
we are simply a team who cares about doing a great job and delivering epic results.

Are you ready to stop talking and start doing?