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Cross Impact Coaching is a team of organizational design consultants, passionate about working with organizations and leaders who are serious about creating high-performing, next-gen organizations. Our focus has evolved over the past 7 years when we realized our purpose needed to be centered around working with leaders and teams who want to be intentional about working ON their organization (instead of always IN it) and making impactful change happen. 

Our Mission is to help create workplaces where people wake up each morning feeling motivated and inspired by their work so they end their days feeling fulfilled and valued.

Our Core Values:

Collaboration ✦ Transparency ✦ Simplicity ✦ Trust ✦ Balance


We use these values to guide and ground us in the work we do with our clients and as a team. 

The Coaches

Betsy Kauffman

Organizational Agility Coach

Betsy is the CEO and Lead Coach at Cross Impact Coaching.

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Leadership Coach

Cathy McCullough is the Founder of McCullough Leadership Group and a Strategic Partner with Cross Impact Coaching.

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Agile & DevOps Coach

Logan is an Agile and DevOps Coach and an independent consultant with Cross Impact.

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Leadership Coach

Joyce Robinson is a seasoned career and leadership development coach and a Strategic Partner with Cross Impact Coaching

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CIC Support Team

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Content Manager

Trevor has worked nearly a decade in the communications space. Passionate about content strategy and content creation, he is always eager to learn new methods of storytelling.

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Marketing & Design

With over twenty years’ experience in Commercial Art and Graphic Design, and a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, Sandra specializes in bringing clients’ visions to life.