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We are an organizational design firm, focused on working with organizations who are serious about wanting to make change happen.

We focus on solving the big problems impeding your company from achieving agility, collaboration, alignment, and innovation. 

You know, the hard “stuff.”  The “stuff” which causes us to take an intentional focus to work “ON” our company instead of always in it. The stuff we know will cause us to lose customers, market share, and great employees if we don’t implement proactive change.

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Our stance is to partner, co-create, guide, and facilitate the process so the changes we are making are yours and are sustainable by the organization.

Our approach is to roll up our sleeves and get to work quickly using an iterative design thinking and execution approach — learning, observing, experimenting, and adapting.

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Our mission is to create workplaces where people wake up each morning feeling motivated and inspired by their work so they end their days feeling fulfilled and valued.

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The CIC Process

We engage using a design-thinking type approach leveraging a mix of lean change frameworks, agile values and principles, change management, team development, and leadership coaching.

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We work with the change makers and the earth shakers — the individuals in organizations who are serious about wanting to make change happen and solve the big problems which are impeding agility, collaboration, and innovation.

Stop Talking & Start Doing

The 'Stuff' We Solve for:

Just a few examples of why our clients engage us.

Our mission, vision, and values are more marketing speak instead of the company DNA
Reporting structures and misaligned goals cause confusion and competing priorities
We are focused more on people allocation, managing capacity and keeping everyone busy.
We are unable to deliver our products quickly to our customers
Biz and tech aren’t aligned and working together
Our delivery framework is too heavy or too inconsistent - we need a framework fit for purpose
People are split across multiple initiatives, resulting in lack of focus and longer delivery times
We have no product roadmaps or our roadmaps don’t align across the organization
Lack of communication across teams/departments around role clarity, projects, or vision aka “silos”

Other Ways to Work with CIC


A Workplace Success Series
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Guest & Keynote Speaking
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One-on-One Coaching
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“Betsy has an amazing ability to listen and provide feedback that is spot-on, providing valuable perspective. As a result, we've become more predictable, have improved quality, and created an environment in which a diverse group of individuals understand the unique value each brings to the team.”

 Dana Seehale, Sr Director, IT Enterprise Systems & Lab Informatics, Cell Signaling Technology

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