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Leadership Development Coach

J Robin photo 2020.jpg

Joyce Robinson is a seasoned career and leadership development coach and a Strategic Partner with Cross Impact Coaching. She is dedicated to helping clients grow their impact as leaders, elevating both team performance and personal fulfillment.

Joyce’s clients are global and across industries and diverse cultures. Her approach is to drive transformation both through inspired visioning, planning and action. Joyce approaches clients with empathy and a passionate belief in their potential.

But her most important experience?  Joyce got that on the job. Before launching her coaching business, she was a part of a Fortune 500 company with the same fast-paced world of management that her clients are now navigating. She understands the complexities, the challenges and what it takes to succeed working in organizations of all sizes and stages of growth.

Joyce is a Professional Coach certified by the University of Texas at Dallas and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.

Her areas of focus include: individual and team performance — Cultivating executive presence — Diversity & Inclusiveness — Improving strategic thinking—Developing communication strategies to increase influence and promote transformation.

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