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Agile & DevOps Coach


Logan is an Agile and DevOps Coach from Charlotte, NC.  He has been involved with providing Technical Excellence and implementing DevOps solutions for 10 years in the military, government, healthcare, retail, finance, and software product industries.  In those 10 years, he has worked alongside technology and business teams and leadership to help orient their measures of success to improving customer outcomes. 

In moving toward outcome-based thinking and processes, Logan has witnessed how proper output measurement and observability can really help a team work well together.  In addition to this, measuring what matters and working to make things as simple as possible ensure that the technology teams he has observed deliver software sooner, safer, and happier.  It is a blessing to see teams learn how to become self-managing to deliver great outcomes for their customers and their business all while becoming happier employees and technologists.

In general, Logan has a passion for being Agile, doing DevOps well, and using agile engineering practices to build, test, and deploy software.  He has value stream mapping, development, Agile coaching, and DevOps experience. His experiences have been in support of both Windows and Linux infrastructure, and many tools that are key to the success of applications in both.  He is currently focusing on evangelizing in the technology community to bring DevOps to the masses.  

Logan is a husband and father of 3 boys. His hobbies are running and hiking when he's not chasing the kids around the house.

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